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I’d Walk A Mile – Writing Prompt


I’d walk a mile for a friend in need or a family member who is lost….I’m a friend 100% and even if I’m having problems with my bad knee and bad back, I would still walk a mile for them…

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Paper Airplanes, Open Window

Complete the statement “I’d walk a mile for…” and continue to write about it.

A mile is not that far. It’s a mile from my apartment to the nearest store. There are many things for which I would walk 5280 feet. A mile is a piece of cake. It’s one twenty-sixth of a marathon. One third of a 5K. Four laps around our high school track.

At this moment, I would walk a mile for a cup of coffee. There is only one place I like to buy my coffee – 7-11. But that’s about two miles away. I would still walk that far for it. I can’t brew my own coffee for shit. I’ve tried everything – freshly ground high quality beans with bottled water, brewed in a French press. I prefer flavored coffee, especially vanilla. I recently bought myself a Keurig and it rocks so hard. I’m cheap…

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