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“And by the way…

“And by the way,
everything in life
is writable about,
if you have
the outgoing
guts to do it…
and the
to improvise.
The worst enemy
to creativity
is self-doubt”

~ Sylvia Plath

I’m the one who would be the first to write about a topic that everyone else is afraid to discuss in public. I, too, was that way for many, many years. I faced some real difficulties and struggles the past five years (read About Me) and as a result of that, I completely came out of my shell, stopped caring what people think of me, what people say to me, or what people say about me.

Follow these simple writing rules and you will be great! Write Write Write!!!

No longer having issues with self-doubt comes with age, life experience, and maturity. I cannot believe the things that have changed about me since I was just 28. You get to a point in your life where you  just see things differently; you have clarity about circumstances and people, really everything in life. I was never a person who had much confidence and I definitely didn’t love myself. It is so interesting the way things happen in this world, however. There are so many little things which are so beautiful, so inspiring, so touching…and you can write about any of them. You can write about the most mushy-gushy material or about gory, bloody violence, or sex, or politics, religion…you definitely need to be a brave individual in order to be able to take those topics on. I am definitely brave enough, and if I had someone send in a nasty, argumentative or even hateful, hurtful comment–I would not delete it, I would post it for everyone to see. I do not believe in censorship.I am going to challenge myself. In my blog, today, as a matter of fact, I am challenging myself to write about an extremely controversial subject, something so controversial that there are people at opposite ends of the spectrum literally killing each other over this topic. Can you guess what it is I’m thinking of writing about? 

Go to my blog tomorrow, Wait Til You Get a Load of This!, and read my entry about a very controversial subject. It will be well-worth the wait, I promise you.

“And by the way…