My name is Jenni Terry Stockton, I’m a Freelance Writer and Blogger with a blog on WordPress as well (Wait Til You Get A Load of This). I discovered Meetup groups–I am so impressed by all of the Meetup groups (if you have never heard of Meetup, please, go to the App Store or Google Play for Android and get it) there are apps for every possible interest you can imagine…so I decided to start my own group so that I could get a small group of people together to share their work, experiences, become friends, ask questions, have a shoulder to cry on, etc. I’m in several writing groups and they’re great, don’t get me wrong…they are just so incredibly large. I like small and quaint. I was thinking 20-25 members.

Furthermore, I would like to make this blog about some unique freelance writing and blogging stuff–I would love if anyone would like to sign up to contribute to this blog, I just got a new job and I’m writing a book, have five other blogs and 3 beautiful kids, oh and two dogs… so I don’t have a whole lot of extra time. I wanted to see how this turns out. It’s very beneficial to bounce ideas off other people and if there are more than one or two contributors, we will learn about different writing styles, problems faced, how they were

solved, and we can all use each other’s shoulders to cry on and ears to fill with our frustrations…so in a sense, it’s a writing and blogging support group, if you will….

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      • Hi Jenni,

        Happy July to you and congratulations on your finishing the “About Us” page on Independence Day!

        The writing style and tone adopted are very appropriate here, and SoundEagle do feels that you are addressing intimately to a small group of 20 to 25 members, a friendly, collegiate settings catering to aspiring Freelance Writers and Bloggers. Moreover, your “About Us” page has a fairly satisfactory balance of text, images, posters and quotes (apart from potentially being too cigarette-friendly). 🙂

        Jenni, SoundEagle would be very grateful if you could invite friends from your several writing groups to examine the post at and to provide some constructive feedback and to suggest improvement(s) at the commenting section of the post.

        Thank you in anticipation.

      • I will absolutely do that for you, you have been very supportive and I really appreciate that, I look forward to seeing what you’ve written when I get on. I have been so busy, I’m not ignoring the blog on purpose; I was offered a job working for the San Jose Mercury News…it’s been an awfully hard time for me to decide when it’s an amazing opportunity. I’m not moving my children down to San Francisco or even south.
        I will immediately go promote your WordPress blog and see if we can get some more traffic. I have close to 500 friends and with the exception of ten or fifteen of them, I know each and everyone of those people so I will post something on FB then I will follow-up on it as well. Hey, why don’t
        you also post on my FB wall and I will go into your post and tag some of my friends.

        Thanks again for your kind words 🙂

  1. SoundEagle is glad to be acquianted with you here.

    Since this blog is created for freelance writers and bloggers, and since you aspire to write well, SoundEagle feels that you might be interested in some useful tools for writers on SoundEagle’s website. Here’s a couple:

    May you also find other posts and pages interesting. Please enjoy!

    Happy June to you!

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